Various styles of adult love dolls

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Jin Qiaohai gradually stopped using adult dolls as sex toys. I have been engaged in customer service for more than a year. When communicating with customers on the front line, they encountered various difficulties in life and desires that I had never imagined.

Most of them only traveled briefly, but this moment of communication made him see helplessness and urgent loneliness in the vast sea of people.

The most frequently asked questions are “Is the real thing really long?”, “How does it feel?”, and “The experience isn’t real.” Most buyers are men and women. In two locations, the wife and husband carefully selected the color and appearance of the husband's most realistic sex doll, detailing waist size and hip size. "It's based on the size of the star that my husband likes. I hope he likes it," she said. Some mothers bought a child to go to college, but she felt that the child had reached the contact stage, so she hesitated to ask.

At the Sexual Culture Festival, I met a man in his 60s who lived alone but had no children. For several years, he went to the exhibition every year and personally selected a doll to take home. The old man did not hesitate to exaggerate his love dolls, claiming that he had four or five dolls at home. When alone, they brought the doll into the sun, took it out for photos, and took care of its physical needs. I think life is interesting.

On weekdays, when there are guests, the old man hides the baby under the bed. After the item was delivered to the buyer, a co-worker wrapped the customize sexdoll so tightly in a pink blanket that it didn't look like a sex toy at all. In addition, "the packaging is very strict", "the security work is very good", and "very concerned about customer privacy" are also important reasons for the praise. A buyer who lives in a suburb complained, "On the way home, I saw the words height, net weight, net weight, etc. on the box. I didn't keep it secret."

People concerned about logistics privacy issues are participating in virtual communities and are happy to express their feelings. Users in Guizhou especially like to show off their dolls. He bought tens of thousands of mink coats and jewelry for his adult doll and treated her as his own. He seeks psychological comfort through the process of dressing up. We estimate that 10% of our buyers are adults who use adult dolls as companions rather than sex toys.

After years of using adult love dolls, his income has gradually increased, but what gives Xianxia the most sense of accomplishment is the sailor's news. Every time he goes to sea, he has to drift at sea for more than half a year, accompanied by oppressive loneliness. After some consideration, he purchased an adult love dolls and left a message for the community. "Thank you, I no longer feel lonely when I go to sea." Not only that, he also bought a dozen pairs for his colleagues.