About KRYZA Network



KRYZA is not an ordinary social network.

Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the revolutionary developments and ideas based on them to as many people as possible, so that all our users earn income automatically



I. Introduction
KRYZAswap is a decentralized stock exchange belonging to the KRYZA group.

KRYZAswap is designed to provide all our merchants the ability to keep their cryptographic tools on their own, whether in a hot wallet or cold wallet.

KRYZAswap allows anyone to mine at exceptionally high yields without GPU! You don’t have to buy mining machines, mining will be a breeze for you from now on without buying expensive machines!

The cornerstone of the KRYZAswap system is the stable background of PancakeSwap, so that our customers can always exchange   currency through us with huge liquidity at all times.

II. Company integration

KRYZAswap is the first in the world to develop a system with a community site with an existing community-based marketplace!

With this merger, we are reforming webshops and buy-in groups, and it is important for us to build a bridging audience for retail and business customers with global coverage!

Our social site, the already well-known KRYZA Network and the associated KRN token, will also be listed on KRYZAswap, where the two projects will strengthen each other with different return opportunities! 

III. Integration of companies 2/1
As a result of this merger, we will be the first in the world to build a “share” issue for small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of a cryptocurrency, so that the tokens of many companies will appear on our site combined with exclusive presale and interest rate growth opportunities.

This program allows us to reach KRYZAswap’s growth in areas and sectors that have been unthinkable in the cryptocurrency market so far! 

IV. Integration of companies 2/2
KRYZAswap helps any company that also wants to enter the international crypto- market.

The KRYZA team will help you overcome any problems a novice token will face, saving time and money for startups.

There are a lot of dangers  for any new project and with a lot of buy and sell attacks unfortunately 95% of projects never materialize and even out of the remaining 5% about 0.3% survive the first 3 years so they will never make a profit and they are making huge losses!

V. Solution package for companies
To solve this, we will help all future projects in the following areas:

Network definition (erc20, bep20, etc.)
Create a token
PreSale token is created to allow the project to come to life with adequate liquidity
Pharmacy paired with KRYZAswap KRS token
Listing in the stock exchange section of KRYZAswap so that they can exchange tokens
Participation in the KRYZAswap liquidity pool so that anyone who is in favor of the project, whether be an external or internal buyer, can participate in increasing liquidity even after the presale phase
On our KRYZA Network community page, projects will also receive a blog, forum and individual stock exchange site, allowing them to participate in KRYZA’s cryptographic realm, saving a lot of marketing costs.
Coingecko,Coinmarketcap and CEX listing
VI. KRYZA team share?
The structure of our token makes it clear that we do not distribute tokens to our team. We believe in the project and in the strength of our community, thereby sustaining KRYZAswap only from tokens received from commissions, thus creating an extremely cheap low cost ecosystem within stake, earn or trade. Our motto is a low cost active platform that will be best rewarded by our customers ’wallets. Furthermore, this will be felt by all our traders, as most other projects charge 6-13% on sales and purchases, which is frustrating, so we have discarded this for growth, so the KRYZAswap token only benefits from 0.5% commission.


VII. KRYZA Mission
This unique crypto ecosystem creates a world that no cryptocurrency changer has ever dreamed of. We believe that KRYZAswap fills a void in the community currency society with the power of the community, of which you are now becoming a part by purchasing the KRS token.

Gergo Varhegyi & Viktor Igneczi