Top Saboteur Crucible League Build in Path of Exile

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The latest expansion in Path of Exile, released in April, brought significant changes that have affected popular in-game builds.

The latest expansion in Path of Exile, released in April, brought significant changes that have affected popular in-game builds. In particular, poison-based builds, including the Saboteur Ascendancy, were hit hard in patch 3.21, leading players to explore new build options. While the Poison Seismic Trap Saboteur build is still a viable choice, it's no longer as dominant as it used to be.

Ice-based spells have become increasingly popular due to their beginner-friendly nature and cost-effectiveness. These builds require less investment and are easier to master, making them a good choice for newcomers. However, if you're an experienced player with a solid grasp of the game's mechanics, you might want to consider a high-damage alternative.

Path of Exile: Crucible Guide - Best Saboteur Build

Among the various Shadow builds in Path of Exile, the Explosive Trap Shadow Saboteur build has gained immense popularity for its ability to deliver devastating damage to enemies.

This build centers around the Explosive Trap skill, utilizing its destructive power to obliterate foes efficiently and precisely. If you're looking for a playstyle that combines strategy, explosive force, and rapid enemy elimination, this build is tailor-made for you.

The Explosive Trap Saboteur build is a high-impact and resource-intensive Path of Exile build, designed for experienced players who have invested time and resources into developing their Shadow character. It revolves around stacking multiple traps to trigger a chain of explosive devastation, making it highly effective against bosses and single targets.

What sets this build apart is its versatility in handling both map clearing and challenging boss fights. It offers a well-rounded character that excels in various scenarios. However, it's worth noting that this build demands a significant budget, requiring at least 50 POE Orbs, making it better suited for experienced players.

Skill Tree and Gem Setup

When planning the skill tree and selecting gem setups for the Explosive Trap Saboteur build, it's crucial to prioritize the Saboteur subclass. This choice offers valuable benefits, such as increased trap-throwing speed, enhanced damage output, improved regeneration, and reduced trap cooldown. Focusing on these aspects maximizes the effectiveness of your trap-based gameplay.

Additionally, allocate points to passive skills that boost area damage, critical strike chance, and elemental damage. These passives synergize seamlessly with the Explosive Trap skill, providing substantial damage potential.

Regarding gem setups, the core skill for this build is Explosive Trap. To optimize its performance, you must support it with gems that enhance damage, critical strike chance, and area of effect. Consider including support gems that improve survivability, mobility, and crowd control.

Recommended Equipment

Devouring Diadem: This helmet significantly boosts the damage of your explosive traps, enabling you to deal greater harm to your adversaries. It also provides a substantial amount of mana regeneration, ensuring a steady resource pool for continuous trap deployment.


When preparing for battle, strategically position your traps to maximize damage output and ensure effective targeting of your intended foes. Utilize skills like Shield Charge with Faster Attack Support and Flame Dash to move swiftly through maps, evading potential threats.

As this build excels in boss fights, prioritize these encounters whenever possible. To maximize your damage and defeat bosses quickly, effectively use curses and traps.

Maintaining active auras and buffs is vital. These enhancements not only increase damage output but also bolster your survivability. Consistently keeping your auras and buffs active significantly enhances your combat performance.

While this build can handle various enemy types, adapt your strategy based on the specific foes you face. For bosses, skills like Bear Trap can be highly effective, while other skills may be more suitable for clearing maps.

By adjusting your approach and selecting the right skills for each situation, you can conquer the challenges presented by different enemy encounters.

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