Managing school parent communication using parent portal

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Teacher-parent communication is a two-way path that benefits a child’s school education. 


Today, technology has evolved in such a way that it offers various opportunities for educational institutes to opt for the latest and best gadgets applications that positively impact the student’s education.


Education institutes have widely used student information systems and school management systems with parent portals worldwide to boost the productivity of school student activities.


Here are a few insights into a parent portal and how it can help effectively in managing home-school communication:

1. What is a parent portal, and how does it benefit parents?

To enable better communication among the teachers parents, school ed-tech providers have incorporated parent portals in their solutions. These portals provide separate login access for the parents to view and track their child’s performance and contact the concerned authorities.


The use of parent portals keeps parents involved in various activities of the school complements teacher-parent communication. It offers insights into different schooling areas, including academic lessons, homework, class schedules, examinations, transportation, peer collaboration, extracurriculars, and more. 


Providing such access creates a sense of responsibility among parents to support their child’s education.

2. Reasons for parents to use the parent portal

Parents perceive these portals as an excellent medium for accessing their child’s academic and non-academic concerns. Specifically, they use these portals to monitor their child’s grades, class activities, and assignments. However, through these portals, they are also provided with details on other aspects like fee payment, important events, attendance, child’s behaviour, school bus tracking, etc. 


Parent portals do not replace conventional means of communication like phone calls, emails, and school diaries. Instead, they integrate all of these into an advanced system, which contributes to a new and improved way of communication that reduces the communication gap between the school, parents teachers.

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