LoL Preseason 2023: All Item Updates - League of Legends Preseason 2023 Start Date

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LoL Preseason 2023: All Item Updates - League of Legends Preseason 2023 Start Date

Season ended just a few weeks ago, and that means… Preseason it’s coming. And while there are years where changes aren’t as huge, what it’s planned for Season 13 it’s very big. A lot of systematic changes, new items, jungle changes and more. Lean all about of them in this SenpAI entry of All Preseason Changes for lol accounts Season 13 patch 12.22

LoL Preseason 2023: All Item Updates

Before looking more closely at every item that will be added, changed, or returned to the game, it is important to note that the item stats are not final and could be changed depending on the results shown in PBE and players' feedback.

All preseason 2023 changes

League’s most controversial drake, Chemtech drake, is making its return with the preseason. Since the drake—together with its soul and map changes—was universally hated, once you kill the drake now you get a small amount of tenacity and a shield, and the Chemtech soul now gives you bonus damage. The Chemtech map will feature mutated plants, meaning that they become significantly stronger. For example, Scryer’s Bloom will upgrade into Stalker’s Bloom, give you a small shield, and won’t slow you at all.

The second change coming with the preseason update is jungle pets. Bought instead of a starting item at the beginning of the game, the jungle pets will grow stronger as you kill jungle monsters. Once evolved, jungle pets will empower their owners with strong buffs. For instance, Noxian Embercat will give aggressive junglers slow and even more damage in early-game skirmishes.

Junglers are also getting leashing indicators that show how far you can kite monsters before they reset. On top of that, you will see a recommended jungle path on your mini-map that will definitely help you orient in the jungle, especially if you’re new to the role.

Since the pinging system is somewhat out of date, Riot is updating the ping wheel with loads of new pings like Push, All-In, Hold, and Bait. You can now demand from your teammates what exactly they should do with vision—clear vision, demand they place wards, or warn them enemy has vision.

Other than this, Riot is tweaking old items and introducing a couple of new items, so that champions like Singed and Katarina will finally have proper item build paths. To reduce bot lane snowballing, AD carries, and their designated supports are getting hit with XP nerfs, while the top laners can rejoice since they will have a 95 percent XP multiplier.

Communication System Improvements

LoL requires teamwork and good communication. That's why the number of pings is doubled. New vision and off-screen pings are also added to help with map awareness and control.

Objective voting made its way into LoL. Instead of letting the Jungler go solo Baron and perish alone while Laners are still busy with last-hitting minions, you and everyone on your team can immediately voice your opinions, avoiding the blaming battle.

Wards Update

Your team’s wards will look different 60–30 seconds before it expires.

If you are able to ping in time when an enemy ward is placed, a timer will start ticking. It only disappears when the ward is expired or removed.

Other Changes

In-game recommendations for Abilities, Rune pages, and Summoner Spells are now available.

Jungle Changes

Lets start with the biggest one, the jungle role. After an season with no many shakeups, LoL has a entirely different outlook for season 13.

For starters, Emberknife and Hellblade, the jungle starter items are removed and replaced by jungle pets.

These pets now will help you to clear the camps — they clear with AOE — and give you unique buffs after evolving them depending which one you choose. They evolve by feeding them treats that you obtain killing camps, neutral objectives and champions (they also give treats over time)

Also they changed health of camps to avoid sidelaners taking farm (decreasing exp for non-junglers), Rift Scuttler spawn time is 3:30 now, changes in leashing ranges, and camp mechanics.

To learn more about each changes more in detail you can check our site with more information. Hope you’re having fun with this pre season that will surely mark a new crazy year for Solo Que and Competitive. You also can go to our site to buy lol account