Exploring Paradise: The Tarsar Marsar Trek

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Tarsar Marsar Trek offers the most amazing journey which takes you through stunning nature of Kashmir Valley in India, providing breathtaking views of gorgeous meadows and sparkling lakes with beautiful meadows, snow-capped mountains as well as meadows covered in snow - a perfect mix that draws enthusiastic naturalists as well as trekkers from around the globe. The trek extends over 30km, and offers the perfect mixture of adventure and nature that is an attraction to eager tourists from all over the world.

Starting with Aru Valley, which lies about 12km from Pahalgam the top tourist spot - travelers follow a beautiful path through the alpine forest with meadows that are filled with wildflower meadows as well as streams with flowing streams that are saturated with vibrant colors, burst with vivid colors that are splattered by rivers that spill through the meadows, with breathtaking mountain views as far as they will extend.

One among the highlights of trekking Tarsar Marsar is going to the twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar which are situated within the heart of the magnificent mountains with an elevation of greater than three thousand meters. The crystal transparent waters reflect the breathtaking natural views. The camping adventure on these stunning lakes, with stars sparkling in the night sky provides travelers a rare possibility to experience the serenity of the natural world.


You can hike and get to know the friendly and warm Gujjar as well as Bakarwal communities who live at the mountains at high elevations. They also keep herds goats and sheep. Their daily lives as well as the customs of their culture give a glimpse into what is like living above the mountain ranges.


The hikers will continue through Sundersar Lake, another hidden treasure hidden away in The Himalayan mountain. Then they travel to rich meadows and dense forests prior to arriving at Aru Valley to reach their final destination.


Tarsar Marsar hikers need to begin planning their trek in the month between June and September. during the summer in moderate temperatures The trails are not wet and the temperature is in the normal range. However, the hikers should be prepared for any unexpected weather conditions that could be encountered and also having the right equipment and tools that can use when camping.


Tarsar Marsar Trekking gives unforgettable experiences, that showcases Kashmir's natural beauty through its majestic beauty. travelers awed of breathtaking scenery, and provide a peaceful experience on the way.