Ledger live Desktop Wallet And Its Pros and Cons

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Ledger live Desktop Wallet And Its Pros and Cons ssets. As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to expand, ensuring the safety of your investments becomes paramount.

Nowadays hacking becomes a headache for every investor due to their digital assets. Several times we have witnessed when investors lose their assets. If you are also worrying about your asset's security, you should go with a hardware wallet that offers cold storage that can’t be accessed through the internet. Today we have brought a hardware wallet for you named Ledger Live desktop application. It is popular for its unmatched service and reliable security features among users around the world.

In addition, the ledger wallet offers a range of hardware that comes with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a smart screen, and many more. Which makes it easy for users to sign any transaction and keep an eye on their assets on the go. Ledger Live allows you to easily buy, sell, stake, and swap your cryptocurrency on the go. In the following blog, we will discuss different aspects of this wallet. Therefore, stay around to know more.

Ledger Live Desktop Pros and Cons 

Ledger Live gives users full control over their users’ assets and private keys. Like all other wallets, it also has its strengths and downsides. In the below, we have briefly discussed Ledger Live desktop wallet pros and cons. Have a look at it.


  • Extensive Supports – The ledger live wallet supports more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and tokens, which allows its users to manage a diverse portfolio easily.
  • Best Security Features – The wallet comes with a cold and utilizes a secure element chip that helps to secure users' accounts and funds from any online threats.
  • Third-party Integration – the wallet gives users access to integration with third-party blockchain applications that help to extend the functionality of ledger devices.
  • Accessibility – The ledger live desktop is available in both mobile and desktop applications that allow users to access their wallet irrespective of device.
  • Stake Assets – Ledge Live enables its users to stake their assets and earn rewards and passive income that helps them to end with more profit in the end.
  • User-Friendly – The ledger wallet comes with user user-friendly interface and it is designed to invite every user to understand the platform easily.


  • Limited Storage Space – The wallet offers limited storage space in which you can only use three apps at a time. If you have to use other apps, you need to uninstall one of your apps. Which shows a big drawback of this wallet. 
  • Not Fully Open Source – The majority of the ledger hardware wallet is open source but the device firmware remains closed source which is a big drawback for this wallet. 

These are some of the pros and cons of the Ledger Live desktop wallet that provide a clear picture of this wallet.


Ledger Live desktop wallet comes with a user-friendly interface and its design makes it easy to understand the wallet navigation process for every user. Apart from this wallet, you will get standard security features that help to keep your wallet safe and secure from any online threats. Whether you are new or a pro user in the digital investment world, you will get something for everyone in this wallet.

Moreover, there is no serious issue has been reported against this wallet which shows its stainless service towards their users. One can easily manage a digital with a Ledger live wallet at their fingertips. Overall, a ledger wallet could be an ideal choice for those who give priority to their security and privacy.