What are the best sunglasses near me for a long face?

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Summer is officially underway, which means it's time to style up with eyewear. For some people, shopping for a pair of shades is quick and easy. However, what of wearers with long, pointy faces? What frame designs are suitable for them? This guide reveals the best sunglasses for long

Features of a long face
In fashion prints and fashion guides, you'll find most recommendations based on face shape. How do you know what type of facial structure you have? When you look in the mirror, you may see yourself differently than others see you. Therefore, it is not uncommon to identify the shape of your face.
However, you need not worry - here is a list of common features of long faces:
1. Your face grows wider, which means it grows wider.
2. The forehead and jawline are almost the same width.
3. Your forehead appears rounder, higher, and wider at your hairline.
4. Your chin is sharp and sharp.
5. Your profile and cheek area look straight and narrow.
If you see almost or all of these features, it's safe to say you have a long face.
What are the best sunglasses near me for a long face?
Here's expert insight on what kind of frames are right for long faces. However, your style, comfort, and preferences should also influence your purchasing decision!
1. Thick square frame
The best sunglasses near me for long faces are those with thick, sharp edges. This design can reduce the length of the face while adding more width. It helps to give the cheeks more definition and makes them look more prominent.
2. Geometric sunglass near me
Trapezoidal (think horizontal rectangular) frames are proof of trend, which means they almost always belong to the top style year after year. As a result, they can be a must-have in anyone's wardrobe. This shape is perfect for long faces and looks sophisticated when worn.
3. Cat-eye sunglass near me
Today, you will love the dazzling cat-eye sunglasses! The talent in the brow bone draws attention away from the high forehead. It's a cute and stylish look that goes with almost any outfit, from quirky to stylish to formal.
4. Oversized sunglass near me
The most popular thing for people with long faces is a pair of oversized sunglasses. It makes the face look wider and softens the pointed chin area. It enhances facial symmetry and protects your eyes from the sun whenever you go outside.