Genshin Impact Guide: Ace Snowball's Den in Feline Fortress Event

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The Feline Fortress Furrdyssey event in Genshin Impact requires players to have completed the prologue Archon quest in Mondstadt, "Song of the Dragon and Freedom," and to have reached Adventure Rank 20. Once these criteria are met, players can unlock Snowball's Warm Littl

To take part in the Feline Fortress Furrdyssey event in Genshin Impact, players need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Completion of the prologue Archon quest in Mondstadt, "Song of the Dragon and Freedom."
  • Attainment of at least Adventure Rank 20.

After meeting these requirements, players can unlock Snowball's Warm Little Den by completing the prerequisite quest, "Furball Fortress' Frightful Fix!" It's recommended to progress through Archon Quest Chapter 4, but not mandatory.

To set up Snowball's cozy feline home, players need to arrange furnishings based on three attributes: comfiness, durability, and aesthetics. The goal is to meet the attribute requirements to make Snowball feel comfortable. Players should select the tea trolley, gramophone, red armchair, and overflowing shelf to reach the threshold, and then click on save to proceed.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

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