And I think they actually are able

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And I think they actually are able to be more than destruction

Warlocks are extremely powerful from the start of the expansion through the end of the expansion, however, they require gear to maintain some of that strength or some additional health or they need a healer just babysitting affliction WoW Classic SoD Gold Warlocks are incredibly strong as well, I'm not convinced they've their place in season 1, they need haste. They'll need the gear that is available from later seasons.

And I think they actually are able to be more than destruction during the final period of expansion. dhemaji Warlocks are also pretty excellent. They're not yet there, but they get very awesome spells such as metamorphosis and if played correctly, they can do very well in tools, one of the ones one of my all-time favorite things about warlocks and wrath aside from the fact that they get demonic port is they can have a dream soul to use.

If you train saw the target at or below 25% health, the target will take four times the normal amount of damage. It is insane since even if the target is healed at full strength, it's still going to cause four times the amount of damage for the duration of the cast. So if you don't get struck by that train, so it's almost unhireable damage. I've seen sold ticks trade for 6k Plus.

Contours are one of the most interesting classes of Wrath of Lich King PvP, they have probably the highest cap on skill of any single class that is included in this expansion. Marksman Hunter offers a ton of versatility as it can perform different tasks based on the state you have. Honors also has deterrence is able to buy WoW SoD Gold be ready, which means more sacrifice, but it has a lot of utility and toolkit that it did not have in TBC and traditional.

Hunters are another class that typically players who played them during TBC Classic and TBC will play in Wrath this is great news for them because they become significantly more viable in arenas. Beasts mastery and survival hunters are good at arena, but marksmanship is just significantly better. It's a lot more consistent damage, and doesn't drop off as the expansion continues.