How to Change Flight Booking on Volaris Airlines?

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Whether you need to adjust your travel dates or modify passenger details, Volaris Airlines offers a convenient online platform for managing your reservations.

If your travel plans have shifted and you need to make changes to your Volaris Airlines flight booking, rest assured that the process is straightforward and hassle-free. Whether you need to adjust your travel dates or modify passenger details, Volaris Airlines offers a convenient online platform for managing your reservations. In this guide, we'll walk you through the easy steps to change your Volaris flight booking seamlessly at 1-818-878-8939.

1. Visit the Volaris Airlines Website

Begin by visiting the official Volaris Airlines website using your preferred web browser. Once on the homepage, navigate to the "My Trips" or "Manage Booking" section, where you'll be prompted to log in to your account.

2. Log In to Your Account

Enter your booking reference number and the last name of the primary passenger to access your booking details. If you don't already have an account, you may need to sign up for one using the email address associated with your reservation.

3. Locate Your Booking

Once logged in, locate the specific booking that you wish to modify. You should see options for managing your reservation, including changing flights, updating passenger information, or adding extras such as baggage or seat selection.

4. Select the Option to Change Your Flight

Choose the option to change your flight, and you'll be presented with a list of available alternative flights based on your original itinerary. You can filter the results by date, time, and other preferences to find the most suitable option for your revised travel plans.

5. Choose Your New Flight

Browse through the available flight options and select the one that best fits your needs. Pay attention to the departure and arrival times, as well as any additional charges or fare differences that may apply to the new flight.

6. Review and Confirm

Before finalizing the changes, review all the details of your new flight carefully. Double-check the dates, times, and any other information to ensure accuracy. Once you're satisfied with the modifications, proceed to confirm the changes to your booking.

7. Payment and Confirmation

If there are any fare differences or fees associated with the change, you'll be prompted to make the payment online using a credit or debit card. Once the payment is processed successfully, you'll receive a confirmation email with the updated itinerary for your records.

Additional Tips for Smooth Changes

  • Plan Ahead: Whenever possible, try to make changes to your Volaris Airlines flight booking in advance to avoid last-minute stress or availability issues.

  • Check Policy: Familiarize yourself with Volaris Airlines' change policy, including any fees or restrictions that may apply to modifying your booking.

  • Contact Customer Service: If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about the process, don't hesitate to reach out to Volaris Airlines' customer service team for assistance.


Volaris Airlines change flight online process is a simple and convenient thanks to the airline's user-friendly online platform. By following these easy steps and utilizing the tools provided, you can modify your reservation with confidence and ease. Whether your plans have changed unexpectedly or you simply need to adjust your itinerary, Volaris Airlines makes it easy to manage your travel arrangements efficiently.

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