Urgent Care Facility in San Bernardino

Urgent care facilities are healthcare centers that you can visit when you have a serious injury or illness, but not a life-threatening one. An urgent care San Bernardino can treat you for common ailments like Flu, fever, earache, and minor injuries such as sprains, burns, back pain, and small cuts.

Urgent care facilities operate 24x7 and are usually visited by people who don't have an emergency but require immediate attention. As listed above, these include a variety of issues in the human body.

The Best Urgent Care San Bernardino Center
An injury or illness can occur anytime, sometimes without prior warning. If you're suffering from any illness or injury that requires immediate attention, visit the best urgent care San Bernardino center.

If you require immediate attention, visit West Point Medical Center as soon as possible for expert medical attention quickly. We treat conditions such as:

● Back pain
● Common illnesses like Flu
● Painful sore throat
● Minor fever or headache
● Earache or sinus pain
● Sprained ankle
● Cuts or small wounds
● Minor burns
● Rash or minor allergies
● Urinary tract infections
● Nausea
● Diarrhea

Apart from being one of the most trusted urgent care centers in California, our services are affordable, and we accept insurance. You'll also find more convenience at our urgent care San Bernardino facility than most other care centers. By simply scheduling an appointment, you can get in, get better, and go out in no time.