What are the top tools used for Salesforce Data Integration?
It is important to have an integration tool in order to Salesforce Data Integration with multiple systems. Although it is possible for you to do it by yourself, it is advisable to
hire a
consultant/ consultancy to maintain long-term integration. Here are some of the most popular Salesforce Integration tools-
1. Rapidi- This is a customizable integration solution. This tool is beginner-friendly as it does not require programming. It comes up with all the latest technology and is budget-friendly.
2. Commercient- This tool offers more than 65 pre-programmed integrations. You also get ready-made and easy-to-use templates. The commercial is also very affordable.
3. Boomi- This program is preferred by people who need to integrate different data bases. Therefore, it is suited for bigger businesses. This tool comes on the higher end of the budget.
4. Mulesoft- Mulesoft is one of the tools for Salesforce Integration. It can integrate several applications at the same time. It can also create a specialized solution by itself. Just like its features, its cost is also high but very reasonable. https://www.cloudycoders.com/b....log/integration-sale