Join the Caribana Carnival in Toronto

The Caribana Carnival is a street celebration of the Caribbean islands' cultures and traditions every summer in Toronto. It's been billed as North America's largest street celebration and is home to over 1 million visitors every year.

The carnival begins in July, and the multi-week carnival is held up to the first week of August.

Events at the Caribana Festival

There are multiple events held during the Caribana Carnival in Toronto. While the parade of bands is the most well-known emblem of the celebrations, various daytime and nighttime events are held across the city. Other events include theatre plays and fashion shows at the heart of the city.

Here are some famous events that you simply can't miss during the carnival:

The Grand Parade

The grand parade is a conglomeration of the artists performing at the festival as they take to the streets of Toronto. Expect great live music and dancing through downtown Toronto as the parade marches up to the parade ground.

Live Music

Various soca and steelpan bands come together to perform live Street music during the carnival. They're also joined by DJs and renowned artists from all over Canada and North America to take part in the revelries.

King and Queen Showcase

The King and Queen showcase is a fashion show of the leaders of the bands who compete a day before the parade for the pageant.


The J'ouvert is a smaller parade, a rhythmic celebration of steelpan bands with improvised musical instruments.

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Our Annual Caribana Party is Back | Barcode Saturdays

Our Annual Caribana Party is Back | Barcode Saturdays

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