Iceriver KS0 Pro 200Gh/s KAS Miner

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Iceriver KS0 Pro 200Gh/s KAS Miner
The Iceriver KS0 Pro is manufactured by Iceriver and performs mining with the KHeavyHash algorithm that runs a maximum hashrate of 200Gh/s for a power consumption of only 100W.
Supreme Kaspa Mining
Optimized for the KHeavyHash mining algorithm, KS0 Pro is an advanced Kaspa miner manufactured by renowned mining hardware manufacturer, Iceriver. With a compact weight of 2500g and a reduced noise level of 10dB, the Iceriver KS0 ensures a convenient mining experience. The ideal temperature for the KS0 Pro is 0 to 35°C.
Released in November 2023, Iceriver KS0 Pro KAS Miner has a maximum hash rate of 200Gh/s, allowing miners to successfully mine new Kaspa coins despite mining difficulty. Additionally, KS0 Pro consumes less power, only 100W, reducing your electricity bills while increasing energy efficiency and improving your mining profits.

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