How do you become a DevOps engineer?

Understand to Install and Configure Middleware

Apache, as well as Nginx, have been the top popular middleware used in the DevOps industry. Knowing how to set up and configure things such as reverse proxies, virtual hosts, domain names, and SSL can help you greatly in your day-to-day activities.

Begin by setting up Nginx as a web server to host a WordPress blog and to act as a load balancer on the two servers behind it.

Discover How to Install Software

Once you can configure and deploy Nginx, You must be able to deploy applications to an actual server.

Create a Hello World application by using Python, Nodejs, and PHP. Install these three applications. You can utilize Nginx as a reverse proxy for any of these applications.

Learn GIT

GIT is among the most popular versioning systems used within IT. GIT is one of the versioning systems used in the IT industry. Pursue DevOps Training ( to master it. You don't have to be a GIT expert, but its technology will be with you throughout every aspect of your DevOps experience.

GIT fundamentals are described in the official document.

Learn How To Create Software

The process of building is before the running. Software development is typically about performing a process of making a software release that can run on the production server. A DevOps professional must be aware of this vital aspect of the lifecycle of software.

Create an application using your preferred language and look at the various methods to install its dependencies. Then develop your code.

Learn How to Make Automated Your Software Factory

DevOps isn't about automation, but it is about automation. Automation can be one key element in this DevOps change in business. After learning how to create software, you can utilize tools such as Jenkins to automate build processes and link your code to the repository for code.

If you're unfamiliar with this subject, you should read about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.


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